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Artist Diary

There just silence all over, extreme silence, the trees, leaves, birds animals, all here are silent. Suddenly there comes soft breeze, blowing through and this soft sway of breeze blows some leaves of the trees. It just keeps wandering around like a small kiddish child, it makes its own way, just like a snake, in the mid of the tree, thus wakening up those leaves, the leaves moved but does not seem to be active in it.

Such a blow of air is found in everybody’s life at least once it comes in a sway and leaves the rest of it suffocated behind. There is so much of power in that wave. We will not be able to predict...Which leaf falls where, and before we can predict something, everything changes. You can then find a scattered picture all over hence it is more important to search for it, rather than find it.

There a question, about what do we search when we already know about everything? But then certainly there’s something unknown factor that makes us to discover the hidden. Both the question are how to start searching known things? that how I realized the fact that search is completely eternal while we are working we tend to come across new things and we reveal a new search this is how we come to know that search can  also  be eternal,,,,but from there begins a new search……

You search and you get it!! is a famous phrase. But it is extremely important to understand what to search. What does this word actually mean? in this amazing curious world everyone is busy searching for something or someone’s can stand in one place and concentrate on a particular centre, or I can point 1 finger and denote a word, I can discover every line, shape, every route, I am searching the soft whisper of the leaves, the blowing wave, and the poets soul, I am searching for every bit of it.

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