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Artist Diary

The plain sky. An empty space. Every individual sometimes or at least once in life craves for this blank space in life. Similarly this need is satisfied by a particular space at a particular place at a specific and limited space and 1 can build a suitable place extremely easily. But what if this empty space does not exist. A shape consists of one or more shapes within it. Emptiness dwells inside as well as outside. The outside blank shape seems to be--- and the one inside is--- and still has certain limitations such a feeling does not increase but can decrease being limited it has a specific shape of its own.


Although the outer blank shape is huge, and unlimited but it does not possess a self shape. In the exact above sense, human beings also possess several thoughts. But where do they exists? Does the same kind of blankness, empyiness dwell there? And if yes what do we call it? ---- Or-----our mind and soul always keeps on thinking of some or the other thoughts? Then its very important to understand how does this blankness appear?

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